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Laser rejuvenation

Naturally reverse the signs of ageing and sun damage to your skin

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If you’re worried about signs of sun damage, such as age spots and brown pigmentation, or you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, facial redness, rosacea, broken blood vessels, and red and blue veins, then photo rejuvenation using a laser is an ideal treatment option.

We can use laser rejuvenation to reverse the signs of ageing on your face, hands, neck and chest and give you a much brighter, fresher and more toned complexion.

The treatment works by delivering a laser beam beneath the surface of your skin to create tiny controlled wounds, that prompt the skin to heal itself by creating new cells and collagen. This non-invasive procedure requires little or no downtime, which means that you can carry on with everyday life after your treatment.

Laser treatments can reverse the signs of ageing on the face, hands, neck and chest:

  • Uses your skin’s natural collagen
  • Subtle, but noticeable results
  • Reduce visibility of sun damage to your skin
  • Improve facial redness/rosacea and visible veins
  • Fresher, brighter and more toned skin

How does it work?

We use a small hand-held device to transmit a laser into pigmented areas deep into the skin, right down to the collagen level. The energy from the laser causes a break-up in the pigment. In broken capillaries and spider veins, the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the blood and collapses the unwanted vein. For wrinkles and skin toning, the laser stimulates collagen growth, which makes your skin appear smoother and younger.

What happens during the treatment?

During the procedure, we will give you protective eye shields to wear. A cold gel is then applied to the areas to be treated. Pulses of laser are delivered using a small hand-piece, which is gently placed on your skin. You may experience a slight sting, similar to the snapping of a small rubber band, with each pulse of the laser. The treatment takes 30-60 minutes.

When will I see results?

The effects of laser rejuvenation are cumulative. After your first treatment, you will see improvements to broken capillaries, small facial veins and some pigmented areas within a few days. Other improvements such as wrinkle reduction and toning will be more subtle and may take one to three months. This is because it takes time for the new skin cells and collagen production to be visible. With each subsequent treatment, subtle changes will accumulate until you have achieved the improvement you desire.

What can I expect immediately after treatment?

Laser rejuvenation is a popular treatment because it requires little or no downtime. Immediately after your photo rejuvenation treatment, you may experience some redness, swelling and/or a slight darkening of the pigmented areas. The redness and swelling will usually dissipate within one to three days. In some cases, the darkened pigmentation may persist and flake off for up to one week.

You can apply make-up to the treated area straightaway, if necessary. It is extremely important that you apply a moisturiser and SPF15-30 sunscreen. You should avoid sun exposure on a daily basis to avoid any additional sun damage.

“Great service! Your team are very knowledgeable clinicians and make me feel at home. I have recommended your clinic to many of my friends”

Benefits of Laser Rejuvenation at Grampian Cosmetic Clinic

  • Full analysis of your skin type and condition
  • Our skilled Aesthetic Laser Technicians are State Registered Nurses with extensive experience
  • We’ve helped hundreds of people improve their complexion with photo rejuvenation
  • We use the latest photo rejuvenation techniques and equipment to deliver outstanding results
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