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Eliminate unsightly birthmarks using cosmetic laser surgery

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Although we all have birthmarks, we understand how damaging it can be to your confidence if you have a highly visible birthmark or a birthmark in a place where you would prefer it not to be. Using cosmetic laser surgery, we can drastically improve or even eliminate your birthmark so that you no longer have to feel self-conscious.

Because cosmetic laser surgery on birthmarks is a non-invasive procedure it poses far less risk of scarring than other treatment methods.

  • Improve or eliminate unsightly birthmarks
  • No downtime
  • Treatment is virtually painless
  • Non-invasive procedure reduces the risk of scarring

How does it work?

Birthmarks are caused simply by discolouration of the skin from dilated capillaries. Using a handheld device, we are able to pass a laser beam through the surface of your skin to reach the dilated capillaries and blood vessels within the birthmark. The energy from the laser causes the vessel walls to collapse and later dissolve within the body.

What happens during the treatment?

During the procedure, we will give you protective eye shields to wear. A numbing gel is then applied to the areas to be treated. Using a handheld device for correct positioning, the laser is delivered in short bursts to protect your skin. Many people say this treatment is painless but you may feel a slight pinprick sensation, similar to having a hair plucked.

The treatment takes approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

When will I see results?

You will probably need multiple treatments and the overall outcome will depend on the initial severity of the mark. We will carefully assess your skin and birthmark during your initial consultation and explain the potential outcome in detail then. You can always trust us to be open and honest in our assessment of your case, and to give you realistic expectations.

How often can I have it done?

The number of laser treatments you need will vary depending on the severity of the veins. Typically, three to six sessions are all that is required over four week intervals. You will be advised on the potential outcome at your initial consultation.

What can I expect immediately after treatment?

The tissue of your birthmark may appear a little paler immediately following laser application.

“Fantastic experience, welcoming staff, execptional treatment”

Benefits of laser treatment of birthmarks at Clinetix Grampian

  • We use the latest laser technology to deliver optimal results
  • Our skilled Aesthetic Laser Technicians are State Registered Nurses with extensive experience
  • We’ve helped hundreds of people improve or eradicate the appearance of birthmarks
  • Our clinic offers a warm, welcoming environment to relax and enjoy your treatment
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