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Lip Fillers

Lip fillers for a natural look

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We provide our clients with fuller, younger and fresher lips. Our practitioners understand that lips should look natural, contoured and defined. Our lip filler treatments are individually designed to address volume, support, definition and texture to create a truly beautiful lip appearance.

Why you should choose us?

- Fully qualified, highly experienced and friendly staff.
- A complimentary consultation to discuss the desired look for your lips.
- Lip fillers are only administered by registered medical practitioners.
- A team dedicated to your comfort, care and wellbeing, every step of the way.


Prior to any lip filler treatment, you will have a consultation with one of our medical team. The medical practitioner will assess your expectations and discuss lip rejuvenation specific to your needs. A dental anaesthetic may be given before treatment to ensure a comfortable experience. We use the advanced Belotero Lips™ dermal filler range, designed to integrate with the lips for a harmonious and balanced result.

Immediately after treatment there may be slight swelling that usually resolves within 24 hours. Lip injection treatments typically last for approximately 12 months.

Do the treatments hurt?

No, the lip is a very sensitive area of the face so treatments are always done after injections of anaesthetic to completely numb the area.

Will there be any bruising?

The lip is a very vascular structure so bruising is commoner than in other areas, however we typically use a cannula instead of a needle for most of the lip treatments which significantly reduces the likelihood of bruising. When bruising does occur it is usually quite mild and short lived. On rare occasions significant bruising can occur and can cause discolouration of the lip and surrounding skin for as much as ten days. This is very unusual and most treatments are trouble free.

What about the swelling?

Swelling occurs after most treatments to some degree. In the majority of cases the swelling is mild and usually resolves within 12 hours. In rare occasions swelling may persist for a couple of days.

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