• Do you constantly feel wet under your arms?
  • Are you embarrassed about sweat marks on your clothing?
  • Do you feel anxious about going out in public as a result of your sweating?

It’s perhaps more common than you realise. The International Hyperhidrosis Society recently revealed results from a study, showing excessive sweating is a lot worse than previously thought by scientists.

Treatment for excessive sweating at Grampian Cosmetic Clinic

The study showed it’s more common and severe than originally thought, and as a result sufferers find it a lot more socially debilitating. In fact, it revealed that 15.3 million Americans are struggling with excessive sweating, due to the embarrassment and anxiety it causes. That’s a staggering 4.8% of the US population.

The research also suggests that many sufferers haven’t discussed their excessive sweating with a health care professional, because they’re not sure if it’s actually a medical condition. These people may not be aware that treatment options have come on in leaps and bounds, and there are now good options for controlling the condition on a medium or longer term basis.

There is a name given to the condition of excessive sweating, which is hyperhidrosis. For anyone who hasn’t come across this term before, this is how the NHS define it:

NHS definition of hyperhidrosis

According to the Hyperhidrosis Support Group in the UK, about 1% of the population has an over-active sweating response, way beyond what is necessary to maintain a normal body temperature. It can affect both men and women, and people of different ethnic origin. In most cases, it is not a temporary condition and the impact on a person’s life can be severe.

Treatment options in the past have not always been successful, but injections of Botulinum Toxin (commonly referred to as Botox®) are now recognised as having a positive effect on the condition. However, it should be noted that the treatment is only licensed in the UK for the underarm area.

We offer Botox® treatments to treat hyperhidrosis in localised areas – for example, the underarms. These injections can dramatically reduce troublesome sweating. How long does the treatment last for? Whilst results vary from person to person, we have a client who comes to us for treatment only once every twelve months. Please do come in and see us for a free consultation to discuss your individual situation.


You can read more specifically about the use of Botox® injections to treat localised areas in hyperhidrosis sufferers (click here), or you can come in and see us for a free consultation to discuss your individual situation.  (Sources: International Hyperhidrosis Society, Hyperhidrosis Support Group UK)

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