Grampian Cosmetic Clinic, based in the town centre of Inverurie, is one of the first independent Aesthetic Clinics in Scotland to be registered as Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) approved, a new initiative that comes into force in April 2017.

Grampian Cosmetic Clinic Staff MambersNew legislation comes into force in April 2017, which makes it illegal for any non-registered independent clinics to continue to operate. The process involves clinics initially applying to register, followed by a stringent inspection of the premises, before a clinic can be approved for registration. Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s role is to oversee the application process and undertake the inspections, before classing a clinic as registered.

Only clinics that meet exacting standards and regulations will be registered, with patient safety at the forefront of the process. Health Improvement Scotland have also made it clear any independent non-registered clinics that continue to operate after April this year, will be liable for prosecution.

The Clinic was established 11 years ago by Doctor James Beattie who identified a requirement in the town for non-surgical cosmetic treatments, complemented by his belief in the holistic care of the person. This care is characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental, social and physical factors. The Clinic primarily offers treatments using laser therapy, injectable treatments and professional skin care.

The team is led by Dr. James Beattie who spent 35 years in active General Practice at Inverurie Health Centre. He is a Fellow of both the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He is also a Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and is a fully accredited therapist in a wide range of laser and cosmetic skin treatments.

The Clinic has grown year on year, investing in equipment and maintaining a high standard of up to date treatments. Together with exceptional customer care and service, the clinic has an enviable reputation, both locally and nationally, as emphasized by achieving finalist status in two aesthetic industry awards in 2015.  Doctor Beattie commented, “The entire team at Grampian Cosmetic Clinic is really proud to be one of the first to go through this rigorous process and we believe that it aligns with our vision of giving our customers the best care. We also believe this process will encourage maintenance of high standards right across the industry going forward.”