We have many clients seeking help to reduce facial redness or thread veins on the face. Our Laser treatment is a popular option, due to the high level of success that can be achieved in a relatively short time. Here we take a closer look at what this treatment involves.

Laser Rejuvenation

How does this laser treatment work?

We use a precision laser for treating both facial redness and thread veins. The laser bypasses the healthy surface skin to reach swollen blood vessels causing many of the symptoms of facial redness and rosacea. In the case of thread veins, the laser targets the vein and basically through the heat produced, kills the blood supply to the vein and it disappears.

How common is this treatment?

Our registered nurse Rachael, says “This treatment is one of the most popular treatments I do in the clinic, and it’s because of the instant results you get. Most of my clients are shocked that it works so quickly and many have wished they had come in sooner for treatment.”

What does it feel like?

The treatment is relatively comfortable. Clients may feel a “pin prick” or slight stinging sensation at times. Rachael commented, “All my clients say it’s not as bad as they expected and are so pleased with the results they don’t care about the 10-30 minute discomfort.”

How often will I need this treatment?

Most clients only need a couple of treatments to treat thread veins and general facial redness. Following these initial treatments, they may come approximately twice a year for maintenance treatments.  This is because thread veins can unfortunately come back on occasion. This is specially the case if you work outdoors, or are exposed to the elements often. Some people are also genetically pre-disposed to getting them. Clients that have rosacea, and not just general redness, may also need multiple treatments to really help improve this skin condition.

Rachael’s final word…

“Out of all the treatments I do in the clinic, this is the one I find most satisfying, because my clients are always so pleased with the results.”