We love summer – holiday, days out and time with our favs. However, come September, the holiday feels like a distant memory, however hard we all try to maintain the sun kissed look with self-tanning products and moisturising, as well as highlights in our hair and dewy makeup. The days out in the sun, wind, rain (sometimes all of those in an hour!) with our kids followed by the start of the new school term seem to take their toll on our skin – especially when the days shorten and the heating goes on.

We visited Dr Beattie and his experienced team at Grampian Cosmetic Clinic in Inverurie to get some advice on how we could keep our skin looking bright and fresh post-summer.

During the consultation, Saoirse (Specialist Skincare & Senior Beauty Therapist)  told us about the various options including a combination of microdermabrasion and light treatment. The microdermabrasion is a strong exfoliation process to remove the top layer of dead skin cells (excellent for post-summer holiday!) to allow the new, living skin through which is smoother, absorbs moisturisers and face creams better and looks brighter, plumper and fresher. This painless quick (45 minute) treatment gives results in one treatment but we were recommended that one every 4-6 weeks over the autumn and winter would be ideal (not recommended over the summer months when the sun is strongest). The treatment also includes a 20-minute Dermalux light session which uses LED light to energise and rejuvenate cells (and gives you a feeling of wellbeing).


The advice offered by Dr Beattie and his team is tailored to each person and their skin type as well as their specific concerns with their skin and their focus is on helping each person look and feel their best. We certainly felt that we were good hands and the idea of an hour lying on a soft warm couch being pampered and emerging looking good and feeling great sounds great to us!

Not one to talk about something without trying it, Victoria booked a session. The whole experience was good from start to finish – the Clinic is large and bright, warm and comfortable. A thorough history was taken by the Therapist and she asked lots of questions but made Victoria feel totally at ease.

The microdermabrasion treatment was comfortable and not at all unpleasant and the initial redness was gone in less than two minutes. The relaxing 20 minutes under the Dermalux light while the rain poured down outside (in the Indian summer of August!) was amazingly relaxing and she dozed off.

Afterwards her skin felt fresh, light and plump and with a light covering of tinted sun cream she went out to a meeting with no other makeup on, and was asked by several people if she had just come back from a mini-break or spa weekend – a great endorsement for the treatment as Autumn comes!

Over the next few weeks Victoria’s skin continued to feel soft and smoother with foundation going on, and staying on, much better. The after effects of the intense light treatment helped the back to school week pass quite smoothly as she felt the boost of Vitamin D and light made the post-holiday feeling continue.

Would she do it again? Absolutely – especially over the late autumn and winter months to keep dull, dry skin at bay and to top up on feel good light!

Victoria Withy from Raring2Go

Photo courtesy of Paul Riddell

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Further information is available for both aspects of Victoria’s treatments: Microdermabrasion and Dermalux.