Having worked at the Grampian Cosmetic Clinic for more than two years, Rachael is a very warm and caring member of our medical team. Her empathetic approach is welcomed by clients, who often comment on her ability to make them feel right at home.  If we delve into Rachael’s background, it is easy to see why this all comes as second nature.

Grampian Cosmetic Clinic Nurse

Rachael Morrison – nurse at Grampian Cosmetic Clinic

Rachael started out her career after completing a 2 year full time study course to gain what was then a City & Guilds qualification in Beauty. She was quickly snapped up by a well respected beauty salon in Aberdeen, which had been on the go for more than 20 years before she joined their team. This salon was at the forefront of the beauty industry at the time, giving Rachael exposure to all thecutting edge techniques at that time. They were early adopters of the IPL technology and facials from the French-based Guinot brand.

Her experiences there fostered a feeling that she wanted to be even more involved in the care of people – looking after them and helping them to feel better. As a result she studied at RGU for three years to complete a Bachelor of Nursing degree. Rachael has told us “At that time, there was no guarantee of walking straight into a job. You had to pass an interview process first, which involved giving a PowerPoint presentation on a specified topic.” Needless to say, she easily passed this process and started working at Woodend Hospital as a geriatric nurse.

Following a two-year stint, she then moved to a surgical post at ARI, where she remained for five years. This involved caring for patients both pre- and post-surgery, allowing Rachael to further develop her medical skills. She has literally “seen it all before” and as a result has the ability to put clients right at ease. Not only that, but her extensive medical and beauty background gives her the knowledge to assess clients’ needs as part of “the bigger picture” ensuring they get the best treatment tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

There are several specialist areas of treatment that Rachael focuses on, including: muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers, laser treatment for skin pigmentation and veins, skin needling, laser hair reduction, skin peels and microdermabrasion, plus our RioblushTM Carboxy Therapy for which we are the only provider in the North East of Scotland.

Rachael has also taken a conscious decision to keep up her nursing skills by joining the nursing bank, and she usually has several shifts at the hospital each month. These can be in any part of the hospital, which ensures for continued and varied skills. Who better to deliver injectable treatments than someone with years of experience handling medical equipment? (See more about our Injectable Treatments)

We are fortunate to have Rachael as part of the team here at the Grampian Cosmetic Clinic. She has the reassuring touch of an experienced medical professional, meaning our clients can be confident of the very best care and attention.

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