SKINLUX works to activate your skin to look and feel younger. It consists of a akin activation programme lasting 8 weeks.

There are three rejuvenation strategies to the programme:


There are two parts to the programme, which involves a combination of home-use products and treatments in our clinic. After following the 8-week treatment, you can expect your skin to have a radiant glow, both looking and feeling younger as well.

But let’s take a look at what’s involved in more detail, but talking about the science behind the programme. We all have fibroblasts, which are a clever little skin cells. These are the cells responsible for creating collagen and our natural skin hydrators, which both act to keep our skin looking  plump and youthful.

SKINLUX skincare programme

SKINLUX works on existing fibroblasts as well as creating new ones. It also stimulates them to boost their productivity. So, perhaps you can think of SKINLUX as a turbo-boost to your skin cells, encouraging them to be more productive.

What are the home-use products?

The products you use at home as part of the programme constitute a daily activation regime, which use innovative skin biotechnologies that are clinically proven. What are these home-use products?

  • Endocare TENSAGE Concentrate Serum is rich in growth factors. You can think of growth factors as skin messengers that awaken the fibroblasts that you already have.
  • Endocare CELLPRO cream stimulates the stem cells in your skin to produce new fibroblasts.

SKINLUX Products Used at Home

Maybe you are wondering why you need to use these instead of your usual skincare products. They are essential in fact, to prime your skin for the weekly treatments in our clinic. Both parts of the SKINLUX programme are specifically designed to work together, to give you optimum results. Having the treatments, without using the products, will not achieve the same results for your skin.

What happens in the clinic treatments?

The weekly treatments involve a relaxing and energising clinical treatment. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? These sessions further heighten your skin activity, adding intensity to what you’re doing at home with the products. These sessions focus on a 6-step approach. While your skin is put to work, you can lie back and relax for 40 minutes of bliss.

One of the main steps, involves intense light therapy using the multi-award winning Dermalux system.

Award -Winning Dermalux Light Therapy

This light uses specific wavelengths to boost energy within the skin’s layers. It further activates the clever little fibroblasts – so the more fibroblasts awakened and created during the use of the products at home, the better the results from the light therapy. This further explains how the programme needs both parts – home-use and clinic sessions – to really make a difference to your skin.

The 6-step approach to SKINLUX clinic treatments



Using Aestheticare® Gentle Daily Cleanser and Aestheticare® Exfoliating Scrub to prepare your skin by removing dead skin cells and to maximise absorption of products and Dermalux.



A relaxing massage using Endocare Tensage Cream which is rich in growth factors.



By using Endocare Tensage concentrate Serum the concentrated growth factors will boost the skin and used in conjunction with the Dermalux will ‘wake up fibroblasts’ for more radiant skin.

6 Steps of activation for SkinLux programme



Dermalux is a LED light therapy treatment which uses specific wavelength of light activate skin cells. This has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, which can help reduce facial redness, reduce inflammation which can help spots/breakouts.




Endocare CELLPRO Gelcream & Intensive Eye Contour is applied which works deep within the skin as well as the surface. It is clinically proven to work deep within the skin to activate stem cells to produce new fibroblasts and stimulate existing ones. This results in more collagen and more elastin for result that will transform your skin.



Heliocare 360° Mineral is applied to protect your skin from harmful UVA + UVB, infrared-A and visible light radiation. These damage skin cells and release harmful free radicals deep into your skin which causes premature ageing, and an increase risk of skin cancer.


At the end of your 8-week treatment course your skin will be left looking and feeling younger, with a radiant glow that will make you wonder where SKINLUX has been all your life!